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Script  for a Jester’s Tour


Shop The Mighty Rooster Mick Pointer - Marillion - Script for a Jester's Tour Mike Varty

Noscaferatu Re-Release

Following a resurgence in interest from the ‘Twilight generation’ in the particular mix of edgy rock and ambience that makes music for vampires on caffeine, Noscaferatu have remastered and re-released Espresso Requiem on CD and download.  Details of this peculiar phenomenon at

Infinite Sunday Debut
Jazz harmonies fused with solid gold bass and drum loops, ambient keyboards and sensuous vocals… Infinite Sunday have just released their lush first album, eponymously titled Infinite Sunday. Check out the new - equally lush - website at

Landmarq Special Edition New Album OUT NOW : The fabulous new album from top proggers Landmarq - titled ‘Entertaining Angels’- has been released in a Limited Special Edition double CD release.  The boss at Gargoyle has been heard to say that it’s the 2nd best new album she’s heard in 30 years…   Order now at

"Back in Function"

Gargoyle Records is delighted to announce the return to activity of Janison Edge!
Work is just beginning on some new music with the intention of a long-awaited follow up to their highly acclaimed album 'The Services of Mary Goode.'   More details soon...

Credo’s Third Studio Album Released to Critical Acclaim
Details of "Prog's best kept secret" and their latest album - Against Reason - released in April, 2011 terrific reviews and gigs at

Script for a Jester’s Tour 2011
Mick Pointer's Marillion Script for a Jester's Tour has a lovely new website at

Artists News and Links

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Credo - Rhetoric Credo - Live in Poland - This is What We Do Shadowland - Mad as a Hatter Landmarq - Turbulence The Mighty Rooster - Live - Can't Believe Your Ears

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Gargoyle Records is a small record label based in Hampshire, UK.  It was founded in 1998 by Sam Collins (Janison Edge, Noscaferatu) and Mike Varty (Janison Edge, Infinite Sunday, Credo, Landmarq, Shadowland, Script for a Jester's Tour) initially to support the releases of progressive rock band Janison Edge.  It also sells a small catalogue of CDs from other bands - notably Credo, Infinite Sunday, Landmarq, Shadowland and Noscaferatu - and selected other artists from labels such as Verglas, Synergy and F2.

Since we deal primarily with the output of selected bands we are involved with, if you are looking to send your music to a record company for signing or promotion, then we're sorry that Gargoyle cannot help.  If you still send music, you will get a reply, and a frank and honest opinion, but not the CD back.

If you are a distributor and wish to sell our products, or a radio station, magazine or anyone else with a commercial interest in Janison Edge, then please contact us.

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Gargoyle Studio is a small, private studio run by musician/ producer Mike Varty. The studio offers recording facilities, pre and post-production, engineering, arrangement and support to a number of bands.  

Details at

Sample - Black Maserati by Noscaferatu

Noscaferatu - Black Maserati

Janison Edge - Julie Lies

Infinite Sunday  - Sunday

Sample - Nightchill by Infinite Sunday

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